November 18, 2011

Protein Shakes/Smoothies (part 2)

(You can find Protein Shakes/Smoothies part 1 here)

I just had surgery a few days ago, and my doctor wants me to get a LOT of protein while I'm healing. So I'm going to be having lots of protein shakes again!

Cinnamon Roll Protein Shake
I'm sorry, but these protein shake recipes have been migrated to my everyday blog. Here is a direct link to the recipes. Thanks for stopping by!  --Katie


  1. How do you think up these recipes? Only 45 minutes until Dr. Oz here in NY!!!

  2. Alicia, I bought the xanthan gum at my regular grocery store (Kroger) with the Bob's Red Mill stuff; I had to get the guar gum from a health food store. Since you only use 1/4 tsp at a time, it lasts forever--and it makes a big difference in the texture of the shake!

  3. hey Katie
    where did you buy those huge glasses for your shakes?
    they look so cool!
    thanks for the help :)

    1. I actually got them at a garage sale... that's where I buy pretty much everything!

  4. These are amazing and tasty! Thank you so much for sharing :) You are totally right the gums make a huge difference.