August 18, 2011

Chili Dog Pizza

Holy smokes, was this ever good! I don't know why I never thought to do this sooner.

Chili Dog Pizza

1 pizza crust (homemade, store bought, pre-cooked, whatever!)
1 can hot dog chili (found with the canned chili, it's usually in a smaller can--14 oz?)
4-6 hot dogs (I used 8 skinny fat free dogs, but it seemed like a little too much, so I'd go with 5 maybe)
cheddar cheese
onions, chopped fine

I'm not being specific with the amounts of everything used, or the nutrition content (because it completely depends on the products you use). Just pre-bake your crust a little, top with the chili sauce, cheese, and hot dogs. Bake until the cheese is melted and dogs are starting to brown. Then top with raw onions and mustard. Beware--it's very messy! ;)

1 comment:

  1. Made this for lunch today--So yummy, the kiddos loved it and so did the hubby!!! :-)